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CEB’s Practitioner is the only CA-specific legal know-how solution. Get county-specific procedure, workflows, practices guide & more. No CC required.

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Turn research into results with the only California-specific legal know-how solution.You already know how to research what the law is and how to find the right cases and statutes. What you really need is to move beyond practice guides and traditional legal research as quickly as possible, so you can deliver the high-value strategic analysis that saves you time and your clients money.

Practitioner’s Workflows, How-To Guides, Strategy Notes, Charts, Checklists, and annotated Sample Documents empower you to complete even unfamiliar tasks with skill and confidence, while helping you understand the broader context of your legal matter so you can plan for what comes next. Start smarter, understand the big picture, learn from the experts, draft quickly, and advise your clients.

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