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Justia Connect is our exclusive membership program connecting the legal community, from lawyers to other legal professionals, law students, and other law enthusiasts. A free Justia Connect Basic Membership unlocks core features of the program for these audiences. Lawyers may upgrade to Justia Connect Pro for additional benefits designed to achieve their professional and growth goals.

Justia Profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory
Justia Profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory Lawyers can connect with more clients through their free profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory! Claiming this Justia Profile increases your visibility in one of the most visited online directories and activates additional features of the Justia Connect membership.
Justia Webinars
Justia Webinars Expand your knowledge, keep up-to-date with legal trends, and improve your professional skills with engaging webinars by leaders in technology, marketing, and law.
Justia Daily Opinion Summaries
Justia Daily Opinion Summaries Take advantage of free daily alerts keeping you up to date on new developments in the jurisdictions and practice areas that matter most to you.
Justia Legal Deals
Justia Legal Deals Lawyers, grow your practice while keeping more money in your budget! Take advantage of offers and discounts on products and software from legal technology industry leaders.
Justia Lifestyle Savings
Justia Lifestyle Savings Prioritize work-life balance and enjoy discounts on everything from day-to-day business services to entertainment, dining, and more with our members-only deals platform.
Legal Marketing Updates From Justia Onward
Legal Marketing Updates From Justia Onward Never miss the latest in legal marketing and technology! Sign up to have updates and insights from our Justia Onward blog delivered directly to your inbox.
Justia Connect Pro for Lawyers Lawyers: Take Your Membership to the Next Level

Get everything your Justia Connect membership has to offer with the low-cost, high-value Justia Connect Pro Membership.

Enhanced Justia Profile
Enhanced Justia Profile Upgrade your Justia Lawyer Directory Profile to remove competitor ads and integrate a contact form that allows potential clients to easily contact you.
$200 Justia Credit*
$200 Justia Credit* Save while you leverage our industry-leading digital marketing solutions! As a Justia Connect Pro, you are eligible to save on Justia Premium Placements, Justia Elevate websites, or Justia Amplify PPC management services.
Continuing Legal Education
Continuing Legal Education Earn CLE credits in select jurisdictions, and stay ahead in your field while fulfilling your professional requirements with live and on-demand webinars.
Featured Reviews
Featured Reviews Unlock the ability to feature reviews on your Justia Profile. This exclusive Justia Connect Pro feature is not available with other Justia products!
Expanded Visibility
Expanded Visibility Make your presence known! Get the eye-catching Justia Connect Pro Badge and enjoy opportunities for increased visibility on the Justia platform.
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My membership in Justia Connect Pro has provided me with valuable information that I have employed to improve the performance of my website. Justia Connect Pro is time and money very well spent. Matthew Lane | Lane Law Firm, P.A.
Justia Connect Pro presents incredible value for my practice! The learning opportunities through Justia Webinars have been excellent and really allowed me to improve my legal marketing strategies, while the savings on other Justia products have helped me continue to expand my marketing efforts. Stephen Bilkis | Stephen Bilkis & Associates
Compare Your Options

Not sure which Justia Connect membership level is right for you? Compare the benefits and features of our free Justia Connect Basic Membership and the upgraded Justia Connect Pro Membership.

Compare Your Options
Basic Benefits
  • Justia Profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory
  • Justia Deals
  • Justia Daily Opinion Summaries
  • Legal Marketing Updates
Enhanced Profile
  • Remove Competitor Ads
  • Prominent Contact Info
  • Integrated Contact Form
Featured Reviews
  • Ability to Feature Client Reviews
  • Ability to Feature a Peer Review
Expanded Visibility
  • Potential for Additional Visibility Across the Justia Platform
Justia Connect Pro Credit
  • $200 in Justia Credit Annually*
Justia Webinars
  • Priority Registration
  • Pro-Only Events
  • Access to Recorded Presentations
Basic Benefits
  • Justia Profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory
  • Justia Deals
  • Justia Daily Opinion Summaries
  • Legal Marketing Updates