Let Your Clients Text You!
$1K Setup Fee Waived

We will waive the $1000 setup fee to use our texting platform, if you are a Justia Connect member.

Text Messaging for Law Firms

Your Clients Want to Text You. Let Them!

Kenect is a text messaging platform for law firms. We help you:

  • Communicate more securely and efficiently with clients. Using your existing business phone line without giving out your personal information.
  • Generate web leads. We add a “text us” button on your webpage to bring in new clients.
  • Conduct video messaging. You can use the Kenect platform to hold video chats with your clients.
  • Drive online reviews. Offering your clients a faster, and more efficient way to leave reviews for your firm.
  • Offer text-to-pay. Clients can now pay for invoices through text messaging.

*This discount can only be used for existing Justia Connect members wanting to add the Kenect platform.