Enhanced Justia Profiles FAQ

Learn more about Enhanced Justia Profiles in the Justia Lawyer Directory, a benefit available for lawyers with Justia Premium Placements and/or a Justia Connect Pro Membership.

Enhanced Justia Profiles FAQ
What is an Enhanced Justia Profile?

The enhanced Justia Profile for Justia Connect Pros takes your Justia Profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory to a new level!

As you may know, all Justia Connect members receive a free profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory as part of their membership benefits. The enhanced Justia Profile for Justia Connect Pro members upgrades this benefit by removing all competitor ads from your profile, prominently moving your contact information up the page, implementing a contact form on your profile to allow clients to easily reach out, and adding the Justia Connect Pro Badge to your profile.

Where can I see my Enhanced Justia Profile?

Your enhanced Justia Profile appears in the Justia Lawyer Directory automatically upon upgrading your membership to Justia Connect Pro.

How do I edit my Enhanced Justia Profile?

Editing your enhanced Justia Profile is easy with our profile editor. Simply visit the “Enhanced Profile” block in your Justia Connect dashboard to be directed to the profile editing interface.

You may also use your Justia Connect credentials to log in to the Justia Accounts platform, where you will see an "Update Profile" button in the first block that directs you to the profile editor.

What if I have an enhanced profile with my Justia Premium Placement?

Lawyers with a Justia Premium Placement also receive an enhanced Justia Profile that is identical to the one available for Justia Connect Pro members.

If you purchase Justia Premium Placements, you do not have to upgrade to Justia Connect Pro to leverage your enhanced Justia Profile. However, if you want to access any of the other unique benefits available for Justia Connect Pro members, which are different from your Justia Premium Placement benefits, you will need to upgrade to a Justia Connect Pro Membership.

What if I have more questions about my Enhanced Justia Profile?

Additional information on claiming, editing, and using your Justia Profile is available in our Justia Lawyer Directory FAQs. If you still have a question about your enhanced profile after reviewing the Justia Lawyer Directory FAQs, please contact Justia Support.

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