Expanded Visibility FAQ

Explore the answers to commonly asked questions about Expanded Visibility across the Justia platform, a benefit available for lawyers with a Justia Connect Pro Membership.

Expanded Visibility FAQ
What is Expanded Visibility?

Expanded Visibility offers Justia Connect Pro members the potential to increase their visibility and connect with more clients!

Justia Connect Pros receive an eye-catching “PRO” badge on their profile, increasing attention from potential clients.

Justia Connect Pro members also enjoy additional opportunities, as availability permits, to be seen by potential clients in various featured positions across the Justia site, including Justia Ask A Lawyer and the Justia Legal Portal. While Pro members enjoy the potential for increased visibility, there is no guarantee as to how frequently a Pro member may appear in these positions.

Where will my profile appear as part of the Expanded Visibility benefit?

As part of the Expanded Visibility benefit, a Pro member’s profile may appear as a suggested attorney on Justia Ask A Lawyer, the Justia Lawyer Directory, the Justia Legal Portal, and in the sidebar of competitor profiles. These potential featured locations are not guaranteed and may change.

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