Charisma In-Person and on LinkedIn: Business Development for Attorneys

If you want to attract clients and build your law firm, showing charisma isn't a mere luxury. The ability to command attention, be remembered, and attract those who need your services is essential to success.

Since speed is how law firms operate today, with so many vying for the same business, one person's experience and talent may equal another's -- making it likely that the tipping point between 2 competitors may just be the way the prospect felt about the superior candidate, i.e., the winner's charisma brought them the business.

Attorney and professional speaker S. Scott Mason and LinkedIn coach/trainer Marc W. Halpert will jointly illustrate to legal professionals at all levels why and how adding more charisma to your public persona can raise your professional profile and enhance your client prospects.

Scott will discuss what charisma is (and is not) and how to become more charismatic, even if you feel it's a talent you'll never have. He will focus on everyday business life with a spotlight on the practice of law.

Marc will examine techniques he has taught his legal profession clients to be referable, stand out from the competition, earn a spot on the 'short list' of finalists -- what he calls 'falling in like with you' -- to make potential clients want to contact you, so they then 'fall in love with you' to engage your services. This carefully designed strategy will introduce yourself in writing on LinkedIn, then be best appreciated when contacted in person.


  • Analyze what's blocking your charisma -- and set yourself up to move beyond it
  • Identify 3 steps you have to take to ignite your personal charisma in the legal field
  • Design your career narrative in a way that expands beyond the firm's bio page
  • Illustrate how to accent aspects of your past and present legal and non-legal experience to make your future with the client more attractive
  • Review sections of LinkedIn that need highlighting with your personality and true voice
  • Q&A
Topics covered include: Law Practice Management
Duration of this webinar: 60 minutes
Originally broadcast: February 22, 2024 11:00 AM PT
Marc W. Halpert
Marc W. Halpert LinkedIn Trainer, Coach and Marketing Consultant

Marc W. Halpert is a global LinkedIn laureate:

  • Trainer: teaching sales and HR departments, professional service firms, and business pros.
  • Personal coach: his clients learn to recount how their past success reinforces who they are today and where they can take clients in the future.
  • Consultant: adding the power of LinkedIn to marketing events, trips, and ad hoc projects
  • LinkedIn self-branding thought leader: podcast guest, 2 books, scores of articles, and over 2500 blog posts, one appearing every business day.
Scott Mason
Scott Mason Principal

Scott Mason is the Myth Slayer: an attorney and transformational executive leadership coach for lawyers looking to obliterate toxic personal myths to uplevel their careers or leadership skills. Working with Scott, they will discover a career path that aligns with their purpose and skills, unleash their powerhouse personal voice, and build a plan for change, so they can build their law practice and fast-track their careers. His life mission: to empower his clients to magnetize and monetize professional freedom ... and have futures that are epic. Read More ›

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