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Samantha Larrus
Samantha Larrus Justia
In this webinar, we will explore the various advertising options Google offers for law firms, focusing on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads and Local Services Ads (LSAs). We will discuss the differences between these options, how utilizing one or both can... Read More ›
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60 min. Today @ 11 AM PT
Charity Anastasio
Charity Anastasio The American Immigration Lawyers Association
Micah Buchdahl
Micah Buchdahl HTMLawyers, Inc.

Bar license regulations and rules were devised in another era and power rests primarily with the states to modify them. Lawyers get barred in one state and cannot practice in another state without an exception, temporary permission, or... Read More ›

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60 min. Jul. 10, 2024 11 AM PT
Ryan McCarl
Ryan McCarl Rushing McCarl LLP
Join Elegant Legal Writing author Ryan McCarl for a webinar discussing advanced techniques for crafting legal arguments. Through practical examples, we will explore how to break down complex legal issues into manageable subproblems,... Read More ›
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60 min. Jul. 12, 2024 11 AM PT
Greg Siskind
Greg Siskind

Join us for this fast-paced webinar where we explore the transformative power of generative AI in the legal profession. In just one hour, you’ll learn 30+ practical use cases that demonstrate how AI can revolutionize various aspects of... Read More ›

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60 min. Jul. 17, 2024 11 AM PT
Cari Sheehan
Cari Sheehan
Civility and Professionalism are hallmarks of the legal profession. This seminar will discuss civility throughout the ages of the legal profession, current initiatives, and ways in which you can stay civil in your practice. This seminar will go... Read More ›
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60 min. Jul. 30, 2024 10 AM PT
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Justia Webinars are members-only programs designed to deliver insights from industry leaders in law, legal marketing, and technology to the Justia Connect community. Lawyers, upgrade your membership to receive CLE credit for attending select live and on-demand programs. Our CLE is accredited in multiple states and may be accepted across the United States via reciprocity and the self-submission process in various jurisdictions.

From Billable Hours to Sustainable Income: The Power of Subscription Models + AI

Mathew Kerbis | The Subscription Attorney Subscription Attorney LLC

AI is revolutionizing the delivery of legal services. In this course, Mathew Kerbis, The Subscription Attorney, explores how leveraging the subscription model with... Read More ›

60 minutes
How AI Impacts Small & Solo Firms: Exploring the Potential Benefits & Risks of Incorporating AI Into Practice

Thomas Shack | Founding Partner The Law Shack, PLLC

In the dynamic landscape of modern legal practice, small and solo firms are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their efficiency and... Read More ›

60 minutes
Retirement Planning Strategies for Law Firm Owners

Darren Wurz | Financial Planner Wurz Financial Services

Retirement planning for law firm owners is multifaceted, involving personal financial decisions in addition to thoughtful business planning and careful ethical and... Read More ›

60 minutes
Google Analytics 101: Maximizing Your Website Traffic's Potential

Ana Hidalgo | Sr. Manager, SEO Justia

Elevate your law firm's SEO game by enhancing your Google Analytics (GA4) knowledge in our upcoming webinar. Discover how to utilize key features like data tracking for your... Read More ›

60 minutes
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