Driving Your Success: Essential Habits for Law Firm Associates in the Post-Pandemic Landscape

Aimed exclusively at law firm associates, this interactive webinar will discuss the necessary tools to drive your success in the legal profession. In today's rapidly evolving legal landscape and workplace, associates must develop certain habits and skills that lead not only to improved legal acumen but also to meaningful relationships, a differentiated reputation and individually aligned professional opportunities.

The session will offer strategies for enhancing your reputation and visibility within your firm and the wider business community. By forming and projecting a strong professional brand, you can attract meaningful work that aligns with your personal preferences, values, and career goals, building a fulfilling and thriving career.

Whether you're starting your journey as an associate or looking to enhance your career progression, this webinar is designed to provide you with the tools, insights, and strategies needed to navigate the modern legal landscape successfully. The habits that lead to the development of pivotal skills can set the foundation for a successful and fulfilling legal career.

Agenda: Attendees will:
  1. Understand the indispensable role of habit formation as a key tool for honing legal skills and accelerating professional growth.
  2. Hear strategies for forging and nurturing significant relationships, as well as leveraging networking opportunities, both crucial for carving a strong position within their firm and the broader professional marketplace.
  3. Discover how to maintain visibility and proactive engagement within their firm, transcending the challenges of a remote work environment.
  4. Learn to build a resonant professional reputation that draws engaging work aligning with their individual aspirations, all underscored by authenticity, enthusiasm, and a commitment to producing excellent work.
  5. Recognize the importance of seeking constructive feedback, with practical steps to transform learned insights into actionable plans.
Topics covered include: Law Practice Management
Duration of this webinar: 60 minutes
Originally broadcast: November 17, 2023 10:00 AM PT
Lana Manganiello
Lana Manganiello Managing Director
Equinox Strategy Partners
Lana J. Manganiello is the Managing Director with Equinox Strategy Partners, providing attorneys and law firms with strategic counsel to increase market visibility and drive revenue. She has devoted over 15 years to coaching new and experienced lawyers and other service professionals on topics related to annual business planning, business development coaching/training and marketing.
Benjamin Schwefel
Benjamin Schwefel Partner
Murtaugh Treglia Stern
& Deily LLP
Ben Schwefel's practice focuses on trusts and estates, including estate planning, trust administration, probate, conservatorships, and fiduciary litigation. Ben represents a broad range of clients, including high-net-worth individuals and families, trustees, beneficiaries (individuals and charities), entrepreneurs, business executives, and professional fiduciaries. He regularly works with his clients on advanced estate planning techniques that minimize income, gift, and estate tax consequences.
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