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Expert Witnesses and Artificial Intelligence

Expert witnesses are used in virtually every litigation. Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way that law is practiced, including the use of expert witnesses. Through this webinar, you will discover how to use AI to research experts, prepare for their depositions, and evaluate their credibility. You will also learn the role that expert witnesses will play in an emerging AI legal environment.

  • Introduction
    • The role of expert witnesses in litigation
    • What is artificial intelligence?

  • How AI Is Changing the Practice of Law
    • The advantages of AI
    • Challenges of AI

  • How To Use AI To Research Experts
    • Traditional ways to research experts
    • GPT to research experts
    • The limits of using AI to research experts
    • Paid AI tools to research experts
    • How to blend traditional research with AI

  • The Future of AI and Expert Witnesses
    • The use of AI by judges
    • Could AI replace expert witnesses?

  • Questions & Answers
Topics covered include: Legal Tech
Duration of this webinar: 60 minutes
When: Premieres in 29 days | August 22, 2024 10:00 AM PT
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North Carolina CLE

Status: Approved

Credits: 1.0 Technology Training

Texas CLE

Status: Approved

Credits: 1.0 General

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Jim Robinson
Jim Robinson President
Jim Robinson is an attorney, and founder of JurisPro Inc., a professional marketing company that features the qualifications of expert witnesses to legal professionals, insurance carriers, and the media. JurisPro also maintains a free online national directory for expert witnesses in over 10,000 areas of expertise ( Jim was also co-founder of, which produces comprehensive background reports on expert witnesses.
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