Law Firm Video 101: Establishing Trust With an Effective Video Strategy

Video has proven itself to be an effective digital method that can showcase a firm’s people, skill sets, industry insight, and expertise. Not only can video be used through different channels, but also it can be repurposed for different outlets. This seminar will walk through the why and how to plan for a video strategy and give actionable insight to help law firms plan for or get started on a sustainable long-term video strategy.

Join Robert Weiss to learn, evaluate and determine how video best fits your firm’s unique needs. This program will walk attendants through podcasts, webinars, best practices in video management, hosting platforms, DIY options, leverage video in digital footprint in the areas of:

  • Thought leadership/Subject matter expertise
  • Client Testimonials/Case studies
  • State of the firm
  • Bring industry report data to life with animated infographic videos
  • Practice area overviews
  • Internal communications
  • Crisis communications – control the narrative
  • Bio videos

  • What business objectives does video support?
  • Ways to produce video – even in a remote world
  • How video can impact your digital footprint…for years to come
  • How often should you be doing video
  • Why video is different than text or images – managing the workflow
  • To script or not to script?
  • Maximize budget allocations
  • What to do with video after it is created
  • Become an ambassador for video
Topics covered include: Legal Tech
Duration of this webinar: 60 minutes
Originally broadcast: March 01, 2024 11:00 AM PT
Robert Weiss
Robert Weiss President
Multivision Digital

President of MultiVision Digital, a New York video production and video marketing company, that provides the full spectrum of video strategy, video production and video marketing services. Having produced over 1,500 videos since their inception, MultiVision Digital's holistic approach has allowed clients to increase sales, lead generation, improve SEO rankings, increase awareness and client loyalty. Clients range from solo-entrepreneurs to global Fortune 500 companies across almost every industry. But more importantly, have executed successful business video strategy plans for every business objective. Read More ›

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