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Edward Dabdoub Managing Partner
Dabdoub Law Firm
About Edward Dabdoub

Edward Dabdoub is the founder of Dabdoub Law Firm – a law firm built for the sole purpose of helping people get their disability benefits from insurance companies. Eddie and the attorneys at Dabdoub Law Firm specialize in disability insurance law, as well as life insurance, representing clients across the country in ERISA disability insurance and individual disability insurance claims, appeals, and lawsuits.

Eddie has successfully litigated some of the most unique and complex disability insurance cases. This includes winning a lawsuit for a liver transplant surgeon and a mother whose disability insurance claim was denied on the allegation that her pregnancy was a pre-existing condition. He has created good law on behalf of clients that paved the way for future clients to successfully obtain disability insurance benefits.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, he is one of five attorneys in his immediate family. Since becoming a lawyer, he has specialized in disability insurance claims, appeals, and litigation. Eddie is nationally recognized for his expertise in disability insurance claims governed by Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”), as well as claims made under individual disability insurance policies. He has participated as a guest speaker at local and national law conferences on disability insurance benefits and ERISA for legal organizations such as the American Association for Justice and the Florida Association for Justice. He has authored articles on disability insurance and frequently advises other lawyers on disability insurance and ERISA matters.

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