Technical SEO for Law Firm Websites

If you are looking for info on technical SEO for law firm websites, this is the presentation for you. Join us as we cover various aspects of technical SEO, including website security, crawlability by Google and other search engines, website speed, page layout, usability, and ADA compliance. In addition, participants will receive our recommendations for SEO tools and analysis, including Google Search Console, PageSpeed Insights and Rich Results Test, and other third-party tools. Before we close, we’ll also share strategies for addressing important issues for law firm sites, such as duplicate content, schema markup, and AMP, while offering solutions to help optimize your website for conversions.


  • What is Technical SEO
    • Security
    • Crawlability
    • Speed
    • Page Layout and Usability
    • Third Party Tools
  • Security
    • Https
    • Usernames and Passwords
    • WordPress & Plugins
  • Crawlability
    • Sitemaps
    • Page Linking
    • Duplicate Content
  • Speed
    • Google PageSpeed Insights
    • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
    • WordPress
  • Page Layout & Usability
    • Google PageSpeed Insights
    • Responsive Design
    • Conversions
    • Schema Markup
    • Core Web Vitals
    • ADA
  • Third Party Tools
    • Google Search Console
    • Google PageSpeed Insights
    • Google Rich Results Test
    • Screaming Frog
    • WAVE Evaluation Tool
    • SemRush
Topics covered include: SEO & Websites
Duration of this webinar: 90 minutes
Originally broadcast: November 16, 2022 11:00 AM PT
Tim Stanley
Tim Stanley CEO
Tim Stanley is the CEO and founder of Justia, one of the most visited legal portals in the world. Justia’s mission is to make law and legal resources free for all. Before founding Justia, Tim founded and was CEO of FindLaw. He is the general counsel and on the Board of Trustees of Public.Resource.Org, and was previously on the Board of Nolo and American LegalNet. Tim has a BS and MS from Stanford University and a JD from the University of Michigan Law School.
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