Justia Connect FAQ

Learn more about our free Justia Connect membership, an exclusive membership program connecting all members of the legal community to legal information, learning opporunities, and more!

Justia Connect FAQ
What is Justia Connect?

Justia Connect is our exclusive membership program connecting you with benefits and resources to achieve your professional and growth goals.

Justia Connect Basic Memberships are free for any lawyer licensed and in good standing in any United States jurisdiction. Lawyers may also choose to upgrade their free basic membership to a Justia Connect Pro Membership for additional features and benefits. To learn more about Justia Connect Pro, read our About Justia Connect Pro FAQs.

What are the benefits of Justia Connect?

Justia Connect is a unique membership program offering a range of free features and benefits for members of the legal community. Justia Connect members can:

  • Enjoy exclusive savings and members-only discounts on products and services from leading brands
  • Leverage opportunities to share and gain knowledge through the Justia platform
  • Take advantage of learning sessions with leaders in law, technology, and marketing

Who can join Justia Connect?

Anyone with a passion for the law is invited to join the Justia Connect community! Lawyers, other legal professionals, students, general law enthusiasts, and anyone else is eligible to become a member and access select benefits.

How do I become a Justia Connect member?

Becoming a members is easy! Anyone can unlock select Justia Connect benefits by registering for a Justia service, such as a Justia Webinar, signing up for Justia Daily Opinion Summaries, completing the general registration form, or if you are a lawyer, by claiming your free Justia Lawyer Directory profile.

Is Justia Connect free?

Justia Connect Basic Memberships are free for anyone interested in the law: lawyers, other legal professionals, law students, and other law enthusiasts. For a nominal fee, lawyers may also choose to upgrade to the Justia Connect Pro Membership to take advantage of additional benefits and resources to grow their practice.

To learn more about the advantages of upgrading to Justia Connect Pro, read our Justia Connect Pro FAQs.

How do I know if I am a Justia Connect member?

Determining whether you are a Justia Connect member is easy! Lawyers with a claimed Justia Lawyer Directory profile are all Justia Connect members. Additionally, any attendee at a Justia Webinar or Justia Daily Opinion Summaries subscriber is eligible for select Justia Connect membership benefits. If you are unsure about whether you are already a Justia Connect member, you are welcome to join today by signing up here!

When can I start using my Justia Connect benefits?

Have a claimed Justia Lawyer Directory profile? You can start using your benefits immediately. All non-lawyer members are also eligible to immediately begin using their membership benefits after joining. Simply log in to your Justia Connect dashboard to get started.

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