Justia Connect Pro FAQ

Learn more about Justia Connect Pro, an upgrade that enables lawyers to get the maximum available benefits from their Justia Connect membership.

Justia Connect Pro FAQ
What is Justia Connect Pro?

Justia Connect Pro is our upgraded Justia Connect membership. When you become a Justia Connect Pro, you enhance your free Justia Connect membership benefits with additional features and resources to help you achieve your professional and practice-growth goals.

Why should I become a Justia Connect Pro?

With Justia Connect Pro, you have access to all Justia Connect Basic Membership benefits, plus additional features not offered to lawyers with free memberships. These upgraded benefits include:

  • An enhanced Justia Profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory that removes competitor ads and maximizes opportunities to connect with clients.
  • Your Justia Connect Pro Badge displayed with your profile in various places across the Justia platform.
  • The opportunity to feature your best client and peer reviews on your Justia Profile.
  • Expanded Visibility in various places across the Justia platform, as availability permits, to connect you with more clients
  • $200 in Justia Credit to be used on select legal marketing products and services available through Justia Marketing Solutions.
  • Access to live and on-demand CLE courses with leaders in the legal profession

Who is eligible to become a Justia Connect Pro?

All licensed attorneys in any United States jurisdiction are eligible to upgrade their free Justia Connect membership to a Justia Connect Pro Membership.

For more information on claiming your free membership, visit the About Justia Connect Help Center.

How do I upgrade to Justia Connect Pro?

Lawyer members of Justia Connect can upgrade to Justia Connect Pro in just a few clicks!! If you are already a Justia Connect member, log in to your Justia Connect dashboard, select “Go Pro”, choose a payment plan and follow the on-screen prompts to submit your payment and complete your upgrade.

If you are an eligible lawyer and have not already claimed your Justia Lawyer Directory profile, you must first claim your profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory to activate your free Justia Connect Basic Membership. Then, follow the steps above to complete the upgrade process.

How much does it cost to be a Justia Connect Pro?

Justia Connect Pro is available for as little as $16.65/month when paid yearly! When you choose this annual payment plan, you get two free months of Justia Connect Pro when compared to the monthly membership price. If paid monthly, Justia Connect Pro costs just $19.99/month.

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