Justia Webinars FAQ

Learn more about Justia Webinars and the related benefits for Justia Connect Pro members.

Justia Webinars FAQ
What are Justia Webinars?

Justia Webinars are exclusive learning opportunities developed for members of the Justia Connect community, covering a wide range of topics from legal marketing to practice management, legal updates, and more. Justia Connect Pros receive priority access to Justia Webinars, as well as exclusive opportunities to participate in Pro-only offerings.

How do I register for Justia Webinars?

As a Justia Connect Pro member, you can register for upcoming webinars directly from your Justia Connect dashboard. Simply check out the Webinars block located under your Justia Connect Pro Membership benefits.

Are Justia Webinars recorded?

Yes, we want our Pro members to always be able to access this benefit! Justia Webinars are recorded and available for Justia Connect Pros to review in the Webinars block of the Justia Connect dashboard.

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