Justia Webinars & CLE FAQ

Learn more about Justia Webinars and the related benefits for Justia Connect Pro members.

Justia Webinars & CLE FAQ
What are Justia Webinars?

Justia Webinars are exclusive learning opportunities developed for members of the Justia Connect community, covering a wide range of topics from legal marketing to practice management, legal updates, and more. Justia Connect Pros receive priority access to Justia Webinars, as well as exclusive opportunities to participate in Pro-only offerings.

How do I register for Justia Webinars?

As a Justia Connect member, you can register for upcoming webinars directly from your Justia Connect dashboard. Simply check out the Webinars block listed above your membership benefits in your dashboard.

Are Justia Webinars recorded?

Yes, we want our Pro members to always be able to access this benefit! Justia Webinars are recorded and available for Justia Connect Pros to stream in the Justia Webinar Center.

Do you offer CLE credit for attendance?

Yes, select Justia Webinars may be approved for CLE credit. You can review the individual webinar page for an upcoming presentation to determine its accreditation status. There, you will find information on the jurisdiction(s) in which that presentation is approved for CLE, the number of hours the presentation is approved for, and the type(s) of credit available.

How do I access written materials for an upcoming CLE presentation?

For live presentations, written materials are available in the Justia CLE Dashboard 24-48 hours prior to the start of the presentation. For on-demand presentations, the materials will be linked in the on-demand viewing portal when you begin a new course. For all presentations, the written materials are typically only accessible to Justia Connect Pro members.

How do I obtain CLE credit for attending a Justia Webinar?

CLE credit is an exclusive benefit for Justia Connect Pro members! After upgrading to Justia Connect Pro, members seeking CLE credit must register for and attend the entirety of any CLE-eligible course.

For live CLE presentations, you will be provided with an attendance verification code during the broadcast. Following the presentation, please visit the Justia CLE Dashboard to complete verification and obtain your Certificate of Attendance.

When viewing an on-demand CLE program, you will be able to save attendance verification codes at select points during the streaming process. Then, you will need to follow the steps in the on-demand viewing platform to complete your attendance verification at the conclusion of the program.

How do I verify my attendance at a Justia Webinars CLE?

Justia Webinars CLE attendance verification is easy for Justia Connect Pros! After a live, CLE-eligible Justia Webinars presentation, visit the Justia CLE Dashboard. There, you will see a list of any courses pending verification. Simply click to complete verification and follow the on-screen prompts, including inputting your verification code. Verification is complete when you reach the Certificate of Attendance download screen. Remember, you must complete your attendance verification within 48 hours of the conclusion of your CLE presentation.

For our on-demand CLE programs, you will need to save the attendance codes while viewing your on-demand program. At the conclusion of your program, please follow the instructions given in the on-demand viewing platform to complete your attendance verification.

How do I obtain a copy of my certificate?

Justia Connect Pros can always download copies of their Certificates of Attendance via the Justia CLE Dashboard. When you visit the dashboard, you will see a list of all live Justia CLE courses you have attended. If you have successfully completed verification for a given course, you will see a link to download your Certificate of Attendance near the course name.

If you have completed any on-demand CLE courses, you will also see a link within the Justia CLE Dashboard to view your certificates earned for those programs.

Can I get credit for watching a CLE recording?

Yes, Justia Connect Pros who stream the on-demand recordings of select CLE-accredited presentations can earn CLE credit. Be sure to follow the on-screen prompts and instructions to ensure you complete all necessary requirements for CLE verification.

What states do you offer CLE credit in?

Justia currently submits select Justia Webinars for CLE accreditation in California, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. Of course, Justia Connect Pro members may be eligible for credit in other states through their jurisdictions’ self-submission process.

We also continue to evaluate additional states where our Justia Connect Pros may wish to receive CLE credit for attending Justia Webinars. The individual webinar page for any given presentation will list the states in which CLE credit is available for that course.

How much does it cost to attend a Justia Webinars CLE?

CLE-eligible Justia Webinars are free for our Justia Connect Pro members! If you are not already a Justia Connect Pro member, you can upgrade your Justia Connect Basic Membership to a Justia Connect Pro Membership for as little as $16.65/month when paid annually.

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