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AI: Legal Developments, Risks & Benefits

AI: Legal Developments, Risks, and Benefits carefully explains how artificial intelligence is created and operates in a plain-language manner, enabling legal professionals to better comprehend the risks associated with its use. This presentation further identifies current state and federal laws, as well as best policies and practices, concerning the development and use of artificial intelligence. This presentation addresses the overlap between existing laws, created before the advent of artificial intelligence, as applied to artificial intelligence-related disputes in recent case law. Finally, each attendee will receive several “take-away” lessons on artificial intelligence with which to advise their clients in this innovative and unpredictable field.

  • Introduction
    • Theme: Navigating artificial intelligence is like trying to win “Oregon Trail.” It’s fun, but ripe with unforeseen hazards. But instead of dysentery, players have to watch for data poisoning and discriminatory practices.
    • Speaker Biography

  • What Is artificial intelligence?
    • Basic artificial intelligence explained
    • 3 types of artificial intelligence
    • The artificial intelligence development process

  • The Yin and Yang of Using Artificial Intelligence
    • Medical benefits
    • Threats to national security
    • Threats to fair competition practices

  • The (Near) Absence of Artificial Intelligence Laws
    • Illustrating the regulatory cap
    • Absence of federal laws
    • Existing state laws
      • New! Utah and Colorado
    • Best policy practices

  • Unintended Consequences of Artificial Intelligence
    • Baker v. CVS Health Corp.
    • Carpenter v. McDonalds Corp.
    • Mata v. Avianca
    • New court rules

  • Key Takeaways
    • Categorical rules for the future AI navigation

  • Questions & Answers
Topics covered include: Legal Tech
Duration of this webinar: 60 minutes
When: Premieres in 21 days | August 14, 2024 10:00 AM PT
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Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Credits

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California CLE

Status: Approved

Credits: 1.0 General

South Carolina CLE

Status: Approved

Credits: 1.0 General

Difficulty: All Levels

North Carolina CLE

Status: Approved

Credits: 1.0 Technology Training

Texas CLE

Status: Approved

Credits: 1.0 General

This presentation is approved for one hour of General CLE credit in California, one hour of General CLE credit in South Carolina (all levels), and one hour of Technology Training CLE credit in North Carolina. This course has been approved for Minimum Continuing Legal Education credit by the State Bar of Texas Committee on MCLE in the amount of 1.0 credit hours.

Justia only reports attendance in jurisdictions in which a particular Justia CLE Webinar is officially accredited. Lawyers may need to self-submit their certificates for CLE credit in jurisdictions not listed above.

Note that CLE credit, including partial credit, cannot be earned outside of the relevant accreditation period. To earn credit for a course, a lawyer must watch the entire course within the relevant accreditation period. Lawyers who have viewed a presentation multiple times may not be able to claim credit in their jurisdiction more than once.

At this time, Justia only offers CLE courses officially accredited in certain states. Lawyers may generate a generic attendance certificate to self-submit credit in their own jurisdiction, but Justia does not guarantee that lawyers will receive their desired CLE credit through the self-submission or reciprocity process.

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Sarah Anderson
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Sarah W. Anderson owns SWA Law LLC and, representing public and private entities on cyber incident response, regulatory compliance, the implementation of enhanced cybersecurity practices, and contract negotiations involving technology products and services. Read More ›

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