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Edward Dabdoub
Edward Dabdoub Dabdoub Law Firm
In this webinar, we will be discussing the complexities of handling a long COVID disability insurance claim and how best to present these claims to insurance companies. Insurance companies do not appreciate the extent to which long COVID symptoms... Read More ›
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60 min. Apr. 16, 2024 8 AM PT
Ebony S. Morris
Ebony S. Morris Foley & Mansfield PLLP
Valerie Fontenot
Valerie Fontenot Frilot, LLC
This webinar will provide a historical background of attacks on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), the Supreme Court’s recent Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) decision, the response from conservative groups, and tips on how companies can... Read More ›
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60 min. Apr. 24, 2024 9 AM PT
Salar Atrizadeh, Esq.
Salar Atrizadeh, Esq. Law Offices of Salar Atrizadeh
Join attorney Salar Atrizadeh to discuss a legal practitioner’s responsibility when using any kind of technology, including, but not limited to, software and hardware. Learn More ›
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60 min. May 7, 2024 11 AM PT
Ana Hidalgo
Ana Hidalgo Justia
Elevate your law firm's SEO game by enhancing your Google Analytics (GA4) knowledge in our upcoming webinar. Discover how to utilize key features like data tracking for your website’s traffic, page performance, and more to understand your... Read More ›
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60 min. May 14, 2024 11 AM PT
Darren Wurz
Darren Wurz Wurz Financial Services

Retirement planning for law firm owners is multifaceted, involving personal financial decisions in addition to thoughtful business planning and careful ethical and regulatory considerations.

In this session, participants will learn... Read More ›

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60 min. May 17, 2024 10 AM PT
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Justia Webinars are members-only programs designed to bring the Justia Connect community insights from industry leaders in law, legal marketing, and technology. As an exclusive Justia Connect Pro benefit, CLE credit is also available for select live and on-demand programs. Our CLE is accredited in multiple states and may be accepted across the United States via reciprocity and the self-submission process in various jurisdictions.

Confronting Racial Bias in Jury Selection

Angie Setzer | Senior Attorney Equal Justice Initiative

Representative juries are essential to reliable, fair, and accurate trials. As the Supreme Court has repeatedly recognized, an “[e]qual opportunity to participate in... Read More ›

60 minutes
Empowering Women in Family Law: Strategies for Success

Anna Blood | CEO Blood Law, PLLC

In Anna’s upcoming presentation, she will delve into a comprehensive exploration of empowerment strategies tailored specifically for women in the realm of family law. She... Read More ›

60 minutes
Converting Leads to Clients: Navigating the Critical Moments in Legal Consultations

Adam Boyd | Principal The Northwood Group

Investing heavily in marketing to create leads? Wondering why more of those aren’t converting? Or why you’re getting so much pushback on fees? In this webinar, Adam... Read More ›

60 minutes
Google Search Console for Lawyers: The Secret Weapon You Didn’t Know You Had

Gustavo Montes | Director of SEO Justia

Elevate your law firm's SEO game by mastering Google Search Console in our upcoming webinar. Discover how to utilize key features like performance tracking, site indexing,... Read More ›

60 minutes
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